Overview of the entire power plant desulfurization process and equipment operation

Power plant desulfurization device includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, limestone mill, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, silos regulate, control cabinet. Limestone mill can use the European version of its own production mill or vertical mill.

Power plant desulfurization equipment

Power plant desulfurization equipment

Power plant desulfurization equipment & process

Large block of limestone by jaw crusher to the required particle size, by the bucket lifting machine to the storage hopper, vibrating feeder plant denitrification and then by uniformly continuously fed into the grinding mill, limestone grinding after windblown dust from separator classification. In line with the fineness limestone powder with the air through the conduit into the cyclone powder collector, separated collection. Finished limestone powder collected by the delivery device into the powder cartridge to prepare for the use of desulfurization. Unqualified particles are separated separator after Shuaixiang barrel wall, back in the grinding mill after falling along the cylinder wall. The entire system runs under negative pressure, thereby ensuring the dust does not spill clean.

The entire process smooth power plant desulfurization equipment, investment start fast, easy production management. In the choice of the production process and equipment selection scheme, we use proven and reliable new technology, new technology, advanced technology to achieve, economical, practical and reliable. Electrical automation control level to achieve reliable and practical. Attaches great importance to the comprehensive management of the environment, it can reach the national standard.

Power plant desulfurization equipment performance advantages

Traditional power plant desulfurization limestone powder preparation equipment, energy consumption, low yield, complex process, fineness and particle size distribution is difficult to control. Heavy Industry experts after years of painstaking research, launched overpressure trapezium mill, the European version of the trapezium mill, vertical roller mill and other patented products in the field of thermal power plant desulfurization equipment to start a new revolution.

Power plant desulfurization equipment simple process, high degree of automation; low energy consumption (electricity than traditional mill consumption by 20 to 30%), high output, low wear; low noise, less dust, clean operating environment; product chemical composition and stability , uniform particle size distribution, product fineness adjustable, well over the required flue gas desulfurization limestone powder suitable to improve the desulfurization efficiency.

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If you would like to get help immediately, PLS click the LIVE-CHAT,which is fixed on the right of browser.