Barite is a kind of important Ba-mineral, with high specific gravity(4.3-4.7) and low hardness(3-3.5). Its chemical property is stable, insoluble in water. It can be used as white paint, as well as industrial sectors such as chemical engineering, paper making, weave padding ,etc. In glass production, it is used as fluxing agent which can increase the radiance of glass. 80% -90% of its application is for oil drilling mud weighting agent.


Technological process of barite production

According to the requirement from the downstream industry, the barite powder size 325mesh and much ultrafine powder is quite popular in the market. This size range process technology also becomes the main technology in barite powder process.

Equipment needed

For non superfine barite powder, Shibang recommends you use MTW or MTM grinding mill; for ultra-fine powder production line, Shibang SCM series ultrafine mill is the best choice.

Investment prospects

Due to the special nature and low development cost of barite, more and more people pay attention to it gradually. The development of modern industry has much strict requirement on the barite purity, whiteness and fineness. With the development of science and technology and the deeper study, much property of barite has been revealed. People begin the process of grinding barite to powder, beneficiation, and surface modification, etc. These respect has much economic benefits.

Application areas

The main use of Barite

1, Drilling mud weighting agent: barite powder currently the main useage is for drilling mud weighting agent, fineness of 325 mesh or more, requiring specific gravity greater than 4.2, BaSO4 content of 90-95%, soluble salts less than 1%.

2, Lithopone pigments: Lithopone is a commonly used high-quality white pigment, can be used as paint, paints raw materials. To make lithopone pigment, it requires barite fineness to be at least 1250 or more, BaSO4 content of greater than 95%, the whiteness requirements generally 90 or more.

3, Various barium compounds: use barite as raw material, you can make barium oxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, precipitated barium sulfate, barium hydroxide and other chemicals. Fineness is generally about 800 mesh.

4, Paint filler: barite powder filler can increase the film thickness, strength and durability. Lithopone white pigment is applied in white paints, which have more advantages than white lead and magnesium for indoor usage. Paint industrial requires barite fineness above 2000 mesh and above whiteness 95.

5, Paper, rubber and plastics industries packing: This filler can improve the hardness, wear resistance and chalk resistance of rubber and plastics. Fineness requirements are generally between 500 mesh to 1250 mesh.

6, Anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete: such uses take advantage of the high specific gravity of barite and have low requirement of the purity and whiteness. It requires specific gravity to be above 4.2 and the fineness of 325 mesh.

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If you would like to get help immediately, PLS click the LIVE-CHAT,which is fixed on the right of browser.